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The Mobile Engagement Marketing Platform

Vibes’ legacy, on-premise analytics platform provided limited storage and compute, forcing its analytics team to spend half its time on routine tasks. In addition, scaling to meet demand for real-time interactive reporting required months of careful planning and budgeting.

Vibes switched to Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse and obtained the following benefits:

  1. Unlimited, architecturally separated, and highly integrated storage and compute
  2. Instant and infinite elasticity, automatically or the fly, to handle any number of users and workloads for real-time predictive analytics.
  3. The ability to quickly load, integrate and analyze structured and semi-structured data with the SQL that its users and applications already use.
  4. A fully-managed, zero-maintenance data warehouse-as-a-service that slashes costs and frees engineers to focus on truly strategic projects.
  • Deeraj Haridas

    Director of BI & Analytics, Vibes

  • Trevor Beuthel

    Lead DW / BI Engineer, Vibes