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Mission Lane is dedicated to helping everyone have access to fair and clear credit. As a result, the team is heavily driven by data; in fact, many in the organization are fluent in SQL! The challenge, however, was scale. Stuck with legacy data warehouse infrastructure, the Engineering team had to frequently upgrade the capacity which required weekend work to keep up with growing data needs.  Additionally, the legacy platform had trouble meeting SLAs for reports and critical data to support marketers, data scientists, product managers, and executives. 

By leveraging Snowflake, Mission Lane was able to integrate all relevant data, from online clickstream data to structured credit information, into a single source. The team shifted from batch processing to streaming. As a result, the marketing team was able to reduce data processing time and report generation time by 50%. Leveraging Snowflake Data Marketplace, Mission Lane was able to instantly access existing and new data sources, such as data about COVID-19 hotspots, to innovate on behalf of their customers.

  • Mike Lempner

    VP Engineering & Technology, Mission Lane

  • Akhila Kasu

    Data Engineering Manager, Mission Lane