Flybuys is Australia’s largest loyalty program with over 10 million Flybuys cardholders Australia wide. Flybuys wanted to become more robust in the way it exchanged data with partners and reduce the time required to process new data sets.

To achieve this, Flybuys had to establish a new data platform that would enhance data throughput and security. After reviewing a range of options, Snowflake was chosen as the best fit as it was much faster to deploy and it didn’t tie Flybuys to a large cloud provider.

Join our live office hours session to hear about Flybuys experience with Snowflake and stick around for the live Q&A session to ask your toughest data analytics questions.

What you’ll get:

  • A 10-minute overview of Flybuys experience using Snowflake
  • Followed by a live Q&A session during which Flybuys will answer any questions you have about how to get the best out of Snowflake