CONA Services is an IT platform provider for the North American Coca-Cola bottling business. It provides participating bottlers their data environments, coupled with common data management processes, data standards, and their data warehouse solution for self-service BI reporting and analytics. Bottlers rely on CONA Services’ systems and IT services for superior customer experience and digital business innovation, processing $24 billion in revenue annually and more than 160,000 orders per day. 

Join this session with CONA’s Director of BI, James Roll, and Senior Managing Developer Architect, Josh Bart, to learn about the following:

  • Why they chose to migrate from SAP HANA to Snowflake and their guiding principles for a future-state technology architecture.
  • How Snowflake supports the data needs of CONA and multiple bottlers throughout North America.
  • The CONA team created a new product called SnowSquall, an add-in for Excel that allows users to explore objects in Snowflake and create queries and shareable reports. SnowSquall effectively bridges the skill gap users from SAP Analysis for Office had, and brings Excel to Snowflake.

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