What are Snowflake Office Hours?
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  • Ask an industry peer questions about their Snowflake cloud data warehouse implementation and how Snowflake has advanced their data analytics.
Duo Security

Duo, a Cisco owned company, combines security expertise with a user-centered philosophy to provide two-factor authentication, endpoint remediation, and secure single sign-on (SSO) tools for the modern era.

Prior to using Snowflake, Duo was quickly outgrowing its applications as it transformed from a startup into a fast growing enterprise, and it struggled to distribute data to its teams on a regular basis. The company needed a data warehouse that would scale as the company grew. Now, Snowflake provides Duo with a centralized view of its data, enabling everyone in the company to make data-driven decisions.

Everything else I’ve ever used has been a step backwards.
Christopher James, Lead Data Warehouse Developer at Duo


  • Christopher James

    Lead Data Warehouse Developer