What are Snowflake Office Hours?
  • Live, 30-minute case study and Q&A sessions with a Snowflake customer.
  • Ask industry peers questions about their Snowflake Cloud Data Platform implementation and how Snowflake has advanced their data analytics.

Capital On Tap has provided over £1.5 billion to help more than 100,000 small businesses grow. They need a 360-degree view of their customers and a data-driven approach to have an in-depth understanding of customer acquisition cost and lifetime value, across all channels and segments. Moreover the data needs to be transformed in a way that business users can easily access the data they need to solve the biggest problems. 

With Snowflake Cloud Data Platform, Capital On Tap puts all their data from all sources such as Google, Bing, Facebook and a SQL server database into a single location. Automated data pipelines can be set up in minutes and datasets are built with the sole focus of maximising the value of the data, with all the code git controlled. 

In this week’s Office Hours, hear how Capital On Tap used Snowflake to translate its data into an omnichannel view of the customer.

  • Shane Wilson

    Head of Business Intelligence, Capital On Tap

  • Danny Bellion

    Business Analyst, Capital On Tap