Monte Carlo is a data reliability platform built on Snowflake that helps teams trust their data by eliminating data downtime. Its platform helps ensure a team’s operational reliability, understand when data is broken, resolve it quickly, and even prevent downtime in data products. 

In this Show Me Your Architecture session, Dash Desai, Snowflake’s Senior Developer Advocate and Technical Evangelist will sit down with Monte Carlo’s CTO and Co-founder, Lior Gavish to:

  • Walk through Monte Carlo’s end-to-end data observability platform architecture powered by Snowflake
  • Hear how Monte Carlo uses Snowflake to help customers reduce time to detection and resolution for broken data pipelines and other costly data downtime issues
  • Learn how Snowflake customers like JetBlue, Pepsi, and ShopRunner rely on Snowflake secure data sharing and Monte Carlo to gather operational insights about data platform performance, reliability, and usage
  • Dash Desai

    Senior Developer Advocate and Technical Evangelist, Snowflake

  • Lior Gavish

    CTO and Co-Founder, Monte Carlo