More and more marketing and advertising companies are becoming data-driven for critical business decisions, requiring real-time insights and value for both customer and internal decision makers. However, it is challenging to build an easy-to-use solution that works with so many different data sources updating in a timely manner at scale. 

TapClicks architected their Marketing Operations Cloud on the Snowflake Data Cloud and unified marketing operations, analytics, and reporting solutions at scale with zero-code.

Learn how Snowflake enabled TapClicks to:

  • Build a seamlessly scalable cloud platform with 6,000+ data connectors and API integrations with 250+ martech/adtech platforms.
  • Visualize, manage, and blend data in a timely manner to accelerate time to insights
  • Emily Dillon

    Product Marketing Lead

  • Pierre-Luc Soucy

    VP Analytics Platform Engineering

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