Coca-Cola Consolidated is one of the largest bottlers in North America and needs machine learning capabilities that allow them to scale. The objective is to have the ability to handle large volumes of data efficiently and deploy ML models at an enterprise level. This initiative aims to empower developers with a self-service mechanism to meet their needs effectively, keeping the entire ML pipeline in one place with no data movement.

In this live webinar, you will gain insights into Consolidated’s ML journey, including:

  • Motivation behind migrating Data Science workloads to Snowpark
  • How Coca-Cola Consolidated was able to train hundreds of thousands of models at scale using Snowflake’s elastic compute
  • Development approach and best practices for machine learning in Snowflake
  • Drilling down into the data with Streamlit
  • Peter Carpenter

    Director BI and Strategic Analytics,
    Coca-Cola Consolidated

  • Maxwell Johnson

    Business Intelligence Developer,
    Coca-Cola Consolidated

  • Chase Romano

    Solutions Architect, AI & ML

  • Kirk Mason

    Solutions Consultant, AI & ML