GetYourGuide: Turning Travel Dreams into Reality with Snowflake

Discover how GetYourGuide is turning millions of travel dreams into reality with Snowflake. See how a modern data architecture can transform ordinary trips into extraordinary ones with valuable business insights.

As data pipelines are the lifeblood of their business, GetYourGuide saw an opportunity to end issues with scale, speed, and complexity with Snowflake.

Join our Snowflake and GetYourGuide experts as they discuss the power of Snowflake for Data Engineering and Data Pipelines in the cloud. Find out how they have completed their migration in just six months and achieved efficient data pipelines that could deliver real value to the business.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Evaluating and benchmarking different solutions before implementing Snowflake’s platform
  • The characteristics of modern data pipelines enabled by Snowflake: a shift from ETL to ELT and to ensure all data consumers operate on live data to accelerate going from source to insights
  • Concrete examples of how efficient data pipelines can be the difference between an architecture that delivers real value to the business, or one that just becomes a burden
  • The power of Snowpark and its benefits for Data Engineering and Data Science
  • Showcasing GetYourGuide’s analytics and forecasting best practices and how they implemented value chain across shared data
  • Augusto Elesbão

    Senior Data Engineer - GetYourGuide

  • Robert Bemmann

    Data Engineer - GetYourGuide

  • Torsten Grabs

    Director of Product Management - Snowflake