Healthcare organizations are under immense pressure to operate and perform in an evolving landscape. Expanding health data volumes, increasing usage of AI and analytics in medical innovations, and the digitization of care delivery have created an opportunity for these organizations to adapt and respond to patient needs. Innovative platforms are capturing new insights from video and harnessing the power of AI, ML, automation, and analytics with healthcare data across organizations to reduce surgical variability, streamline workflows, improve care delivery, and ultimately improve health outcomes. 

Join Joe Warbington, Industry Principal for Healthcare at Snowflake, Ken Wu, EVP, Chief Technology Officer at Caresyntax, and Steve Gordon, VP, Software Engineering at Caresyntax, to hear about the following: 

  • How greater digital transformation can solve today’s analytics challenges and power future growth
  • How Snowflake enables AI, ML, automation, and analytics and improves scalability and efficiency across healthcare organizations
  • Joe Warbington

    Industry Principal, Healthcare,

  • Ken Wu

    EVP, Chief Technology Officer,

  • Steve Gordon

    VP, Software Engineering,

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