PaulCamper, a German-based camper sharing platform that enables people to have a great time in the outdoors, was looking for a data platform that would enable them to answer their toughest questions. But their data was distributed in many locations, across unstructured and external data sources, which made this impossible. In addition, PaulCamper’s existing infrastructure did not perform well and was hard to maintain.

DAIN Studios, a Data Strategy and AI Strategy consultancy, started working with PaulCamper to architect a new data infrastructure and data warehouse. Using Data Vault 2.0 and Snowflake, DAIN Studios helped PaulCamper to rearchitect its infrastructure, focusing on long-term capabilities and providing a customer 360-degree view that enabled all teams to use data as a decision-making tool. 

Join this webinar with PaulCamper and DAIN Studios to learn:

  • How DAIN Studios and PaulCamper rearchitected their data infrastructure from an unstable platform to a scalable and easily manageable architecture
  • Why Data Vault 2.0 was used as the data modeling technique 
  • How PaulCamper leverages their customer 360-degree view to make data-driven decisions 
  • Polina Voroshylova

    Data Analyst, Paulcamper

  • Sampo Virkkula

    Senior Data Engineer, DAIN Studios

  • Ross Perez

    Senior Director, Product Marketing, Snowflake