For Core Digital Media, the provider of a leading online marketing and customer acquisition platform, data analytics is crucial for optimizing their business. They struggled for years with an on-premises, expensive data warehouse, which suffered from scale and concurrency issues. So they migrated to Snowflake Cloud Data Platform for fast, scalable analytics at a much lower cost with near-zero maintenance required.

Join Krishna Goud, Business Intelligence Architect Manager at Core Digital Media, as he describes in detail their migration process, including lessons learned and how he and his team:

  • Migrated over 7 TB of data, 1,100 tables, and 170 users in under four months using only internal resources
  • Used a proof of concept to help guide and validate the migration, sizing, and deployment process
  • Implemented a “lift and shift” migration process to leave in place required ETL and BI products
  • Used scripts and automation to efficiently automate DDL conversion, the re-creation of database objects, and ETL code conversion
  • Re-created security and governance policies in Snowflake 
  • Executed a phased transition from the on-premises solution to Snowflake to ensure a smooth cutoff and no end user disruption
  • Krishna Goud

    Business Intelligence Architect Manager at Core Digital Media


    Chief Technical Evangelist & Strategic Advisor at Snowflake

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