The amount of data available to marketers today should tell us a story of who our customer is and what they care about. These stories can lead to better messaging, communication, and faster sales cycles. Unfortunately, as the amount of data grows, so do the data silos that prevent us from finding the stories in the data. And that doesn’t take into account legacy technologies, where the data sits in separate silos across organizations, whose teams use different data analysis tools and technologies that don’t interact.

Join Snowflake and Aptitive for the first session in the two-part webinar series on the “Future of Marketing Analytics in the Cloud“, where you’ll hear from Marketing Analytics Leaders to help you benchmark where you’re at on the analytics maturity curve and share practical tips on how you can move to the next level.

During the webinar you’ll learn:
  • The phases of the marketing analytics maturity curve 
  • How your organization stacks up on the marketing analytics maturity curve
  • What initiatives best-in-class organizations are taking on in each phase
  • Example marketing analytics architectures
  • Practical tips to help you get started

Attendees will get a $25 UberEats Gift Card to use on delivery from their favorite local restaurant!

We look forward to your participation!

In partnership with:

  • Tim Fletcher

    Director, Product Management

  • Rachel Stewart

    Head of Analytics Practice - Aptitive