We all know that data warehouses and best practices for them are changing dramatically today. As organisations build new data warehouses and modernise their data analytics ecosystem, they are turning to cloud-based data warehousing services in hopes of taking advantage of the performance, elasticity, concurrency, simplicity, and lower cost of a cloud-based platform or simply to reduce their data center footprint (and the maintenance that goes with that).

Data Vault 2.0 gives us a system for designing and deploying highly flexible, scalable, and adaptable data structures for enterprise data warehouse repositories. So is there any additional benefits a Data Vault 2.0 warehouse can get from moving to the cloud? In this webinar I will introduce some unique capabilities provided in the cloud, as evidenced by Snowflake, that can be leveraged to make your Data Vault 2.0 system more agile, flexible, and scalable.

Kent Graziano will specifically discuss:

  • Applying Snowflake features to
    • Hyper-parallelize and automatically scale load processes
    • Easily include JSON in your Data Vault
    • Easily separate PII data
    • Use MD5 hash function
    • Virtualize your Information Marts

About the Speaker
Kent Graziano is the Chief Technical Evangelist for Snowflake Computing. His is an award winning author, speaker, and trainer, in the areas of data modeling, data architecture, and data warehousing. He is a certified Data Vault Master and Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner (CDVP2), an Oracle ACE Director (Alumni), member of the OakTable Network, expert data modeler and solution architect with more than 30 years of experience.