We all know that data warehouses and best practices for them are changing dramatically today. As organisations build new data warehouses and modernise established ones, they are turning to cloud data warehousing in hopes of taking advantage of the performance, concurrency, simplicity, and lower cost of the cloud or simply to reduce their data center footprint (and the maintenance that goes with that).

But what is a Cloud Data Warehouse really? How is it different from traditional on-premises data warehousing and big data platforms?

Snowflake’s innovative architecture and technology have made data democratization a reality for many of our customers. But it does not end there.

In this webinar Kent Graziano will:

  • Demystify cloud data warehousing by defining it and its goals
  • Discuss the real-world benefits of cloud-native data warehousing
  • Discuss some of the coolest features of Snowflake
  • Discuss the real-world benefits customers are seeing
  • Examine a standard reference architecture
  • Discuss key decision factors you should consider when choosing a cloud data warehouse