Companies such as Komodo Health are building data services for healthcare to serve their customers and derive value from data within a secure infrastructure. The data services allows customers to run their own custom analytics on top of their data to develop data assets they can leverage for their applications. It also enables them to use frameworks such as R or programming languages such as Python to query data assets directly from within the platform.

Komodo Health has unified healthcare data to create a single source of truth for all healthcare actors. Their Healthcare Map ingests information about more than 15 million new patient encounters a day, capturing the experiences of more than 320 million Americans as they move through the healthcare system. Komodo Health’s mission is to reduce the global burden of disease.

Komodo Health uses Snowflake for the distribution and retrieval of data for their customers’ platforms built within this ecosystem.

In this webinar you will learn how:

  • Data Services allows customers to have capabilities to self-service their analytical needs
  • Data Services  empowers customer departments such as commercial analytics teams within large pharmaceutical companies
  • Data Services provides a seamless platform without security issues for reporting
  • Snowflake enables the distribution and retrieval of data to help build ecosystems for data services
  • Seema Talele

    Senior Data Engineer, Komodo Health