When Ilya Kozlov joined Taxfix as VP of Engineering in October, he noticed that his new team was closing out tickets for new integration requests within weeks instead of a few months. The difference? Instead of using engineering resources to build data pipelines and analytics features, Taxfix had implemented best-of-breed tools to create a data lake that enabled teams to self-serve analytics and remove the burden on the engineer. Join Ilya as he discusses his experience and recommendations for building a performant data lake.

We’ll cover:

  • When it makes sense to build versus buy
  • Requirements for a scalable data platform
  • Pitfalls you encounter when building a data platform
  • Tips on how to evaluate building versus buying new tech
  • Ilya Kozlov

    VP of Engineering, Taxflix

  • Paul McCord

    Senior Manager, EMEA Partner Alliances, Segment