From its inception, DoorDash has been a data driven company. Data has always played a core element in the companies ability to provide value to merchants, consumers, and dashers. However, as DoorDash quickly grew, fragmented data made it hard to get a holistic view of the business. Legacy infrastructure caused friction for DoorDash as they tried to scale. Ultimately, DoorDash migrated to Snowflake to better serve the business, generate a 360° view of all their customers, and provide more personalized experiences for their customers.

Join Marta Vovchenko, Director of BI at DoorDash, as she shares her journey with Snowflake. Learn how DoorDash:

  • Created a customer 360° to power their marketing analytics
  • Overcame data silos with Snowflake
  • Drives personalization and business growth at scale
  • Ganesh Subramanian

    Director of Product Marketing

  • Marta Vovchenko

    Director of Business Intelligence