Too often, financial services organizations are technologically hindered from tapping into the true value of the data they collect. Turning insights into outcomes is possible with a single source of truth that powers advanced analytics. 

Join David Kline, VP of Engineering and Stephen Pidliskey, Sr. Data Engineer at Beacon Street Services, to learn how the company drives greater business value by using Snowflake and DataRobot to power machine learning models.

This live webinar and Q&A on May 13 will cover:

  • Democratizing data insights: How Beacon Street Services enabled sales and marketing teams with faster insights and realized close to $3M in additional sales
  • Optimizing marketing analytics: How Beacon Street Services used Snowflake and DataRobot for advanced data science modeling to achieve a 10% boost in targeted marketing campaign performance
  • Accelerating business model deployment: How Snowflake and DataRobot’s seamless integration helped Beacon Street Services execute the training, testing optimizing, and deployment of business learning models up to 6x faster



  • David Kline

    VP of Engineering, Beacon Street Services

  • Stephen Pidliskey

    Sr. Data Engineer, Beacon Street Services