“Customer 360,” or the practice of obtaining a holistic, real-time view of customers from multiple data sources, can unlock massive improvements in customer lifetime value and retention. But due to inefficient data and analysis ecosystems within global marketing organizations, it’s still a pipe dream for many brands. Snowflake, a cloud data platform addresses these challenges—and helps make Customer 360 a reality.

Attend this webinar to hear from Seek Data, a boutique analytics consultancy, on how Snowflake can help your organization power faster data insights, increase relevance, and see higher return on marketing spend. Give your team fast, easy, governed access to data, without bottlenecks.

We will cover how Snowflake provides a best-in-class customer data platform through it’s unique ability to execute against the following…

  • Customer 360 through Scalability & Customer Data Enrichment
  • Personalization Modeling & Speed to Insights
  • Real-time Campaign Measurement at Scale

The Snowflake products that will be discussed are the Cloud Data Warehouse and Public/Private Data Exchange.



Erik Mitchell

Erik Mitchell is the Founder & Principal Consultant at Seek Data, a consultancy focused on amplifying every organization’s two most important assets: their people + their data.  Erik has a diverse background but specializes in Retail & CPG, with experience that includes working directly with the largest retailers & CPG companies in the world to implement best-in-class analytics, marketing, & merchandising strategies, among many others. Erik & Seek Data specialize in helping business teams drive value from data through inspiring many to believe in the power of data to revolutionize the industries in which they work