Higher education is facing significant challenges.

  • Overall enrollment is down for the seventh year in a row
  • One in three first-year students don’t return for a second year
  • Only 40% of students are graduating in less than six years
  • And now the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified issues with student engagement, stress, and equity.

But while many things are changing, one thing has remained more important than ever: Insights.  Colleges and Universities recognize that to solve unprecedented challenges, they need never-before-possible insights. And they need them now.

Welcome to Invoke Learning. Invoke Learning uses the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform to take education-focused insights to a completely new level so that institutions can quickly address the biggest challenges around enrollment, retention, student success, engagement as well as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

This session will be hosted by Snowflake and will feature Invoke Learning’s founders, Brendan Aldrich and Lige Hensley. As senior administrators for some of the largest city and state-wide college and university systems in the country (including the California State University, Ivy Tech, and City Colleges of Chicago), Brendan and Lige were recognized repeatedly with national and international awards for their groundbreaking approaches to data.  Their work with Invoke Learning is even more amazing.

Join us for this webinar, where Snowflake and Invoke Learning will introduce you to the future of education-focused analytics.

  • Brendan Aldrich

    Founder, Invoke Learning

  • Lige Hensley

    Founder, Invoke Learning