Can you really have a viable enterprise-wide data warehouse in the cloud? Is the technology robust enough? Would you be able to deliver the types of results, process the types of data volumes, support multiple workgroups and deal with the complexity of queries necessary to make a cloud data warehouse a viable replacement for in-house technology?

While a great deal of progress has been made in the past few years, many questions and misconceptions remain.

On October 24th, join ITWC CIO Jim Love and Michael Nixon, Sr. Director Product Marketing at Snowflake Computing as they cover “Five Things You May Not Know About Cloud Data Warehousing.” In this webinar we will cover modern cloud data warehouse architectures and solutions. We’ll explore the following five key areas:

• Cloud versus on premises – how do the two really compare?
• Why are Hadoop implementations underperforming?
• Can moving to the cloud help with resource shortages?
• Can you move sensitive data to a cloud data warehouse?
• What are the key elements to look for when choosing a cloud data warehouse solution?

This session will interest anyone who is responsible for the planning or operation of a data warehouse in the cloud. We will cover both technical and strategic considerations, so it will be appropriate for IT and line of business professionals.