To provide organizations with the information they need to make effective decisions, today’s applications are built on data. But whether you are a startup or an enterprise, building data applications is hard. The volume of data is growing, and traditional solutions are costly to scale, require complex data pipelines, and are difficult to manage. This webinar will cover key use cases and patterns to help your teams develop applications that increase revenue and drive cost savings.

This webinar will describe how your organization can realize the benefits of data applications. It will cover:  

  • Key use cases for data applications including embedded analytics, sales and marketing automation, security analytics, machine learning, and IoT products
  • How organizations can use a cloud data platform to reap the most value from the data applications they build
  • Top requirements for successful data applications and the challenges that arise when building them
  • Best practices and architectures for implementing data applications
  • Kevin McGinley

    Technical Director, Snowflake