Join the Q&A with Leaders Challenging the Status Quo in Cloud Data Analytics

Snowflake’s annual Data Drivers Award winners represent individuals and organizations using data-driven strategies to innovate, expand business value, and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Join this live webinar and Q&A session to meet the eight Snowflake Data Driver Award winners and ask them questions regarding their Snowflake implementations and award winning data-driven initiatives.



During the webinar you’ll learn how:

  • DoorDash, Observe, and Uniper are impacting their business through their data-driven strategies, innovations with machine learning, and data applications
  • Cisco, Comcast, and PACCAR are creating change in their organization after migrating off their on-premises solutions to leverage the benefits of a cloud data platform
  • Rakuten, Comcast, and Pizza Hut are innovating faster with their data science, data sharing, and data warehouse modernization initiatives