The next economy is the data economy. Join us to learn about how you can benefit from participating in the emerging Data Economy. We’ll give you 10 valuable insights into how you and your organization can benefit now by joining the Data Economy to expand your business in previously unimagined ways.

By joining this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Join the Data Economy and start benefiting in 2019
  • Benefit from the insights of other organizations already participating in the Data Economy.
  • Inventory your data and baseline your return on data assets (RODA).
  • Remove the data silos that prevent you from easily and securely sharing data within and beyond your organization.
  • Acquire external data at a lower cost than what you pay data brokers.
  • Create data partnerships across your business ecosystems, and your industry.
  • Instantly and securely share data with your business partners and customers, monetize shared data, and easily acquire shared data.
  • Justin Langseth

    Vice President, Data Sharing and Business Development, Snowflake