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Smart Manufacturing and Data

What is smart manufacturing? Smart manufacturing is the incorporation of data into almost every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the factory floor to the entire the supply chain. Smart manufacturing employs a form of IoT called IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). Data is used to take visibility to a granular level and help drive both day-to-day operational performance and longer-term tactical and strategic decision making. As connected IoT devices and sensors have dropped significantly in cost and access to less expensive data storage and processing has grown, manufacturers of all sizes have moved to adopt smart manufacturing best practices.

How Data Drives Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing relies on data that provides manufacturers with actionable "what" and "when" insights that can improve performance. With IIOT, every machine, device, and process is connected by data, that when analyzed, can identify inefficiencies, gaps, and areas of opportunity across the entire manufacturing process. The amount, frequency, and variety of data types means that manufacturers need to deploy robust data pipelines in order to become fully data driven in their decision making.

Snowflake and Smart Manufacturing

With Snowflake, manufacturers can use real-time data to gain insight into throughput and critical processes. Snowflake allows manufacturers to power IoT innovation with sensor and device data analysis, increase supply chain efficiency, and  improve the quality and speed of production. Snowflake’s Data Cloud delivers the performance, scalability and data sharing capabilities needed for supply chain optimization, production quality and efficiency, manufacturing automation, and robotics and IoT initiatives.