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Data Cloud: Storage

The data cloud, or simply cloud storage, is a cloud computing service offered by service providers where data is stored on remote servers accessed in the cloud. Cloud storage uses data center virtualization to provide apps and users with a scalable virtual storage architecture that can respond to business demands at any given time.

Data is hosted on hardware in a remote physical data center. Using the cloud for data storage is simple -- accessibility is available through any Internet device. Cloud storage customers ship data files to the cloud provider's servers to store either as a primary data repository or as a virtual back-up location for on-premise stored data. Cloud storage server set-ups can be as simple as one remote server or involve dozens or even hundreds of servers.

Cloud storage is different from cloud computing in that cloud computing also involves shared software (such as data analytics applications), shared processing power (compute resources), as well as other shared features. Cloud computing is most often delivered through SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications.

Snowflake and Cloud Storage

Snowflake is a single integrated solution with completely independent scaling for compute, storage and services. Unlike shared-storage architectures that bundle storage and compute together, Snowflake enables instant, automatic scaling of storage, analytics, or workgroup resources for any job at any time.