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Data Analytical Tools

A common statistic you'll hear in the age of Big Data is that 90% percent of all data was created in the last two years. For organizations of all sizes, that creates a lot of data to store and a lot of work for data analysts. More than ever, data analysts need the right data analytical tools in their toolbox to continue deriving insights from the wealth of data businesses are collecting from disparate data sources and formats.

Without those tools, invaluable opportunities to gain deeper business understanding and better inform strategy will be lost. 

Snowflake and Data Analytical Tools

Snowflake has built abroad and deep partner ecosystem to provide a full range of data analytics integrations options for its data warehouse built for the cloud.

Tableau Software: Snowflake’s cloud-built architecture enables Tableau customers to deliver interactive data analytics regardless of the scale, workload, and concurrency across structured and machine-generated data.

LookerBy connecting directly to Snowflake, Looker opens up access to high-resolution data for exploration and shared discovery.

Talend:  Snowflake teams with Talend to deliver a powerful data integrationa dn analysis solution for data across multiple clouds and between cloud and  on-premises environments.

Sigma: By delivering live access to Snowflake using an intuitive spreadsheet interface, Sigma opens up data conversations across the organization.

Alteryx: Snowflake and Alteryx partner to deliver scalable performance for advanced analytics by enabling advanced, predictive and spatial analytics to rapidly analyze large sets of data quickly within Snowflake.

For a full list of Snowflake analytics and broader technology partners, click here.