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Courses on Big Data

Big Data professionals are in demand. Big Data certification is a basic requirement for professionals seeking to extend their skills or for new entrants into data management and data analytics. Big Data pros must have a strong handle on processing real-time data streams and deploying data analytics solutions. 

Big data and big data strategies are invaluable to organizations of all sizes and stripes that need to surface deep business insights and stay ahead of the competition. As data sets multiply in scope and volume, many organizations are not equipped to fully leverage the wealth of data they possess or have access to. A certification is the best way to demonstrate relevant skills in this career path. Whether you are learning data science or exploring data engineering, establishing credentials is key.

However, it is equally as important to understand the breadth and depth of the technology landscape that comes with big data. As the leader in cloud data warehousing and data sharing, Snowflake offers a range of free courses on big data -- from cloud analytics certification to shorter primer offerings on how to get started with a data warehouse.

Data Cloud Academy

Snowflake's Data Cloud Academy provides expert-led courses that explores how the Data Cloud enables you to get the most from your data. The curriculum shows how your organization can deploy several analytical workloads across different clouds and regions. 

Champion the Data Cloud in your organization with any of its three instructional tracks: Data-Driven Decision Making, Governing and Managing Data in the Era of the Data Cloud, and Building Businesses and Products Around Data. 

Online courses are now available. Join now and begin your journey towards becoming a Data Cloud expert. 

Virtual Hands-On Labs

This hands-on workshop shows you how to significantly reduce time to insight, scale up or down instantly depending on need, and analyze all your data across all yoru sources. with the only data warehouse built for cloud. Learn how to set up a data warehouse in next to no time and start receiving the actionable insights your business needs. Find a workshop online.

Snowflake Weekly Live Demo

Learn how Snowflake has changed the world of cloud data analytics. Our weekly 30-minute demos feature product experts showcasing key Snowflake features, explaining Snowflake's unique architecture, and answering questions live.