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What are Business Intelligence (BI) Tools?

As companies aim to build a culture of analytics upon mountains of data, the need grows for advanced analytical tools and a modern data warehouse.

Specific tools are required to glean actionable insights from data. Business Intelligence (BI) tools are all about conveying information effectively. The tools range from reporting and analytics to data modeling and data mining.

Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence (BI) tools facilitate data discovery, analysis and reporting, delivered through any number of visualizations.

BI tools support the quest to maximize insights from data. Much of the value of any BI tool is its ability to generate data visualization through dashboards, charts and other graphical output.

BI Strategy and Benefits

With cloud-based data platrforms gaining acceptance, a cloud BI strategy is increasingly important for companies. A cloud BI approach allows for scalability and flexibilty in a cost-efficient model.

Implementation of the appropriate BI tools empower users to improve business decisions, optimize efficiency, identify new business opportunities and industry trends, and deliver accurate data-driven feedback on business initiatives.

In an increasingly granular analytical environment, competitive advantages can be found anywhere. The right BI tool can bring those opportunities to the forefront.

Snowflake and BI Tools

The Snowflake Data Cloud partners with leading data integration and BI solution providers to empower data-driven decisions with business intelligence.

Snowflake delivers an efficient BI solution with an array of BI products. Mining the best analytics is impossible with conventional data warehouses.

In Snowflake's cloud architecture, users can leverage meaningful insights at scale through the best BI tools. Snowflake interoperates with several leading BI tools.

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