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Audience Targeting in Media, Advertising, and Marketing

Audience targeting segments consumers or prospects based on behavioral and demographic data. Marketers, media companies and advertising businesses employ audience targeting to help build personalized campaigns that align directly with consumer and business needs and interests.

Some frequently used B2C demographic and behavioural audience targeting data points include age, income, geography, interests, engagement habits, and gender. For B2B marketing, audience targeting tends to combine aspects from both the individual employee (professional interests, title, location) and the business itself (revenue size, employee size, industry, geography, corporate purchasing habits). The latter category is often referred to as firmographic data.

Finding a Target Audience

Ultimately, the buying process is controlled by the customer, so marketers need to reach their target audiences where they shop, explore, or research. The more comprehensive knowledge marketers have regarding their targets' interests, habits and needs, the more informed decisions marketers can make regarding advertising formats, channels, and messaging. 

In addition to demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data, marketers also sometimes employ psychographic analysis, which explores the internal environment of groups, including beliefs, values, attitudes, and interests; and situational analysis, which explores variability in habits, such as seasonality, weather, and physical access.

Snowflake for Audience Targeting

Snowflake helps make audience targeting easier for marketers, media businesses, and ad companies. The Snowflake Media AI Data Cloud enables a single repository for a single copy of your audience data, helping marketers build robust 360-degree views of customer behavior. With its robust data sharing capabilities, the AI Data Cloud facilitates the creation of data clean rooms, which give marketing, media, and advertising teams a secure place to share data together analysis that comply with data regulations such as the he EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

In addition, the Snowflake Marketplace helps marketers access rich third-party data sets to augment existing data, helping them better target the right audiences for their products and services.