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Artificial Intelligence Products

Artificial Intelligence is driving discovery and innovations across most industries. Many fields will be revolutionized by AI in the coming years.

Education, finance, government and retail all use AI in some form. Cybersecurity, city planning, and mental health treatment will all see major advancements through artificial intelligence products.

Artificial intelligence technology today is virtually limitless. As such, artificial intelligence products are safe bets to grab a larger share of the marketplace.

Companies are leveraging the right machine learning platform architecture to push forward with AI initiatives and introduce artificial intelligence products to every type of business and to everyday life.

AI: A Household name?

Snowflake Snowday 2021

Artificial Intelligence products have gone from sci-fi abstractions to daily realities.

Siri and Alexa, both brought to life through speech recognition AI software, have become single-name icons. Apple claimed in early 2018 that 500 million customers used Siri. Many have explored AI without even knowing it.

Chatbots are another manifestation of AI technology. AI systems, like chatbots, are developed with an AI engine. The AI engine facilitates the building of AI systems by automating laborious and repetitive tasks. If left to human hands only, such tasks would be nearly impossible to complete.

Chatbots have business giants like Amazon, Apple, Google and IBM firmly entrenched in artificial intelligence products. Smaller companies have entered the race, too.

AI Growth and Opportunity

Generative AI and LLMs are changing how content is created. Machine learning platforms as well as deep learning platforms have rolled out suites of proprietary products.

Financial services and supply chain insights powered by AI create new business insights. AI is bringing a new perspective to the insurance industry. Logistics management operate with greater efficiency.

Trained APIs are designed to recognize and identify faces, images and words. Other products allow for custom-training of models, allowing for more diverse AI projects.

Cloud startup companies are both driving and supporting AI growth and innovation. Whether through business analytics, robotic process automation, DevOps or data warehousing, hundreds of startups are impacting the AI industry.

AI fuels interactive billboards that can hyper-target audiences. Traditional mass-targeted digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) delivers the same message to everyone. Conversely, AI-driven advertisements can identify gender, age and even emotion, then customize messaging accordingly.

Artificial intelligence vendors vary in services. Some only provide infrastructure, while others can support AI projects with industry-specific apps.

Snowflake and AI Intelligent Data Search and Discovery

Snowflake is bringing generative AI into data, empowering teams to maximise the value of the data by identifying the right data points, assets, and insights.

That’s why Snowflake has recently acquired three companies that are helping bring advanced AI and deep learning to the AI Data Cloud:

  • Neeva, a search company founded to make search even more intelligent at scale. Neeva created a unique and transformative search experience that leverages generative AI and other innovations to allow users to query and discover data in new ways.
  • Streamlit, which developers use as their go-to platform to experiment and build LLM-powered, generative AI apps.
  • Applica, which uses deep learning to sort information, regardless of data type.

Learn more: Using Snowflake and Generative AI to Rapidly Build Features or see Snowflake’s capabilities for yourself. To give it a test drive, sign up for a free trial