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Advertising Data

The advertising data landscape has changed enormously in recent decades. The first obvious paradigm shift was the emergence (and now dominance) of online or digital advertising twenty years ago.

For a long time, online advertising was a new and not quite decipherable world for traditional B2C marketers. Saturation and "air cover" campaigns dominated, few companies possessed the knowledge and none possessed the tools to use data effectively in online programs. B2B businesses, far less savvy in large-scale advertising, were running campaigns to simply check a box and often because the competition was also active online, regardless of efficacy.

Today, the stakes have changed. The limited effectiveness (and often high cost) of air cover campaigns has whittled away even more. With the average consumer seeing thousands and thousands of online ads per day, the ability to build data-driven campaigns is more important than ever. Now, personalization, audience and geo targeting, placement, and timing are necessary to ensure advertisers are reaching target demographics through all the clutter while at the same time optimizing spend. To do this effectively, advertisers need to be able to continuously acquire, store, and analyse data, often in near real-time. And internal, first-party data is often not enough. Sophisticated advertisers often look for second-party data (for example, retailers, resellers, partners, other business units) and third-party data (external data sets that are purchased or shared) to augment their own internal data sets.

Advertising Data and the Snowflake Media Data Cloud

Changing industry standards and increasing regulatory scrutiny are rapidly forcing media publishers and advertisers to change how they operate. The Media Data Cloud is helping businesses build a new data foundation that delivers better business outcomes and customer experiences, while taking a proactive stance toward privacy and protecting consumer data. The Snowflake Media Data Cloud is a connected ecosystem that leverages Snowflake’s core platform capabilities, tailored solutions delivered by Snowflake and our partner network, and the growing amount of data that is natively available in Snowflake’s Data Cloud and Snowflake Marketplace.