Snowflake Summit SESSIONS

Explore Snowflake’s Latest Product Innovations—Now On Demand!

Dive into all of the product innovations we announced at Snowflake Summit—watch any of the 27 recorded sessions on demand.

Learn all about the latest innovations to the Snowflake Data Cloud around performance, governance, pipelines; and support for Python, the latest on our Streamlit integration, machine learning for SQL users, and Snowflake’s native application framework.

You’ll also hear about the newest Snowflake workloads: cybersecurity, and Unistore, which unites transactional and analytical for real-time analytics. Hear from dozens of technology, data, and business thought leaders. Understand how they use the Data Cloud to lead their industries, access new markets, and best know and serve their customers in ways that were previously unthinkable.

The summit session tracks include:

  • Keynote Presentations featuring Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman, Co-Founder and President of Product Benoit Dageville, and others
  • Industry Data Cloud Sessions
  • Product Announcement Deep Dives
  • Best Practices Sessions
  • NEW TRACK – bonus sessions, exclusively recorded and produced for Summit On Demand

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4 Sessions

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  • Snowflake Summit Opening Keynote

  • The Engine & Platform Innovations Running the Data Cloud

  • Go Further Together with Data Cloud Collaboration

  • Building in the Data Cloud - Machine Learning and Application Development

Industry Data Cloud

4 Sessions

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  • Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud

  • Financial Services Data Cloud

  • Media Data Cloud

  • Retail Data Cloud

What’s New: Foundational Workloads

6 Sessions

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  • Unistore Brings Transactional Use Cases to the Data Cloud

  • Cybersecurity Joins the Party

  • Expanding Storage Patterns in the Data Cloud

  • Protecting and Governing Data in Snowflake

  • The Future of Collaboration is Here

  • Replication & Failover Across Clouds

What’s New: Data Science, Engineering, & Applications

6 Sessions

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  • Streamlit

  • Bringing Data Engineering Innovations to Life

  • Building Streaming Data Pipelines

  • Operationalize Data and ML Pipelines with Snowpark

  • Native Applications

  • Train and deploy models using Python or SQL

Best Practices Sessions

8 Sessions

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  • Creating a World Leading Data & Analytics Platform

  • Optimizing Workloads in Snowflake

  • Best Practices in Data Governance

  • Managing Costs in Snowflake

  • Deep Dive into Snowflake Performance Best Practices

  • Novartis: Solving Complex Business Problems on Snowflake

  • Snowflake & dbt Best Practices

  • Best Practices for Going Live with Snowflake

NEW TRACK: Additional Top Sessions

3 Sessions

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  • Under the Hood: Snowpark UDFs

  • Under the Hood: Snowpark API

  • Resource Optimization in Snowflake