The decision to adopt multiple public clouds is smart for both technology and operational reasons. Government organizations in particular can benefit from a multi-cloud strategy. These organizations are under pressure from legislative bodies to increase public access to certain collections of government data in order to increase transparency and improve citizen experiences, while strengthening security, optimizing performance and reliability, consolidating data across agencies, reducing costs, and increasing operational efficiencies of IT resources across agencies and programs. The right multi-cloud strategy can help to meet all of these requirements.

However, multi-cloud falls short due to present-day limitations with data portability and the unintended creation of data silos within geographies and cloud providers. Secure data sharing across regions and clouds won’t happen until cross-cloud exists, enabling the free and secure movement of data on a global scale.

This eBook examines the benefits and current limitations of multi-cloud today and introduces cross-cloud as the missing piece in the global data puzzle.

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