Forrester Study reveals ROI of 405% and benefits of over $10 Million over 3 years for a sample composite organization that built their data apps in the Data Cloud and procured Snowflake through AWS Marketplace.

Read this study to learn how several companies leveraged Snowflake and AWS Marketplace to increase profits, save costs, and accelerate time to market for their data applications while improving scalability and performance, simplifying day 2 operations, and streamlining procurement.

Snowflake and AWS commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study that included interviews with 8 companies to obtain data on costs, benefits, and risks associated with their investment in Snowflake through AWS Marketplace. Benefits for a composite organization based on participating companies include:

  • Cost savings from faster time to market worth $2.3 million
  • Increase profit of $2.2 million from faster time to market
  • Cost savings on infrastructure and data platform management of $4.8 million
  • Total benefits of over $10 million over 3 years