Data governance has never been more important for organizations. Data is proliferating across an increasing number of sources, applications and clouds, much of it in multiple formats. Generative AI (gen AI) and large language models (LLMs) are incorporating massive data sets that include sensitive data such as personal identifiable information (PII) and confidential medical and financial details. Companies must be able to unify, classify, analyze and share this data to gain actionable insights while protecting it from unauthorized access and staying in compliance with regulations.

It’s critical to have a strong governance foundation not only for data, but also for applications and AI assets, in one platform.

Govern and discover data, apps and more with Snowflake Horizon’s unified set of compliance, security, privacy, interoperability and access capabilities that’s provided to Snowflake customers without additional configurations or protocols.

Download this Definitive Guide to Governance in Snowflake to learn how to use Snowflake Horizon to:

  • Effectively centralize governance across regions and clouds to build a trusted and secure data foundation that accelerates success with gen AI and LLMs
  • Unlock the value of sensitive data with advanced privacy policies and data clean rooms
  • Classify, share, discover and immediately act on data, apps and more across regions and clouds

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