How the Snowflake Data Cloud Helps You Break Down Data Silos and Mobilize Your Data

The business challenges caused by decades of siloed data, on-premises and in the cloud, have forced organizations to make decisions with limited insights.

This white paper details what the Data Cloud is, the revolutionary technology behind it, and how your organization can easily and securely access a world of data.

Highlights include:

  • The near-unlimited scale and concurrency of Snowflake’s platform to access all your data and execute your most critical data workloads
  • The ability to extend Snowflake to many complementary solutions and other development environments
  • A seamless experience of working with data across multiple public clouds as if they were one
  • Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing technology, which allows any number of organizations to share and receive live, governed data
  • Snowflake Data Marketplace – a network of thousands of organizations that mobilize data as data consumers, data providers, and data service providers.