Kickstart your migration to Snowflake with this kit:
  • Ebook: 5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Migration to Snowflake
    • A guide to migration evaluation and readiness. 
  • Migration Guide: From Teradata to Snowflake
    • Review why enterprises migrate off of Teradata, as well as migration strategies and best practices.
  • Reference Manual: Teradata to Snowflake
    • Learn the methodology needed to prepare for and execute the Teradata to Snowflake migration.
With Snowflake, you can:
  • Enable a full spectrum of use cases across your organization—all against the same copy of data, while powering a full spectrum of languages, data formats, and architecture patterns, like data warehouse, data lake, data mesh, data fabric, and more.
  • Get automatic provisioning, high availability, performance optimization, data protection, metadata management, and more—available across clouds and regions—for a near-unlimited number of users and jobs.
  • Use near-instant elasticity to right-size any number of users, jobs, or data. Access ongoing performance improvements and cost optimization, all while getting real-time consumption-based pricing.