Business, IT, and data regulations continue to evolve, and the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed organizations deeper into online operations, cloud infrastructure, and corporate cultures that are driven by data and analytics. At the same time, we are blessed with advances in analytics, AI, BI practices, new data sources, integration tools, and cloud data platforms. To keep pace, organizations are modernizing almost everything in IT, including analytics, BI tooling, data warehouses, and all of data management.

In the context of that modernization life cycle, it is now time for modern data governance.

TDWI research finds that some organizations have data governance programs in good shape, but others have not deployed meaningful governance. Either way, organizations need guidance when creating future-facing, modern data governance. This report helps organizations understand new requirements for data governance and how successful organizations are modernizing existing governance programs and toolsets.

Note that this webinar is based on the new TDWI Best Practices Report: Modern Data Governance. The webinar will hit the highlights of that report, plus tell attendees how to download their own copy of the report.

This TDWI webinar, sponsored by Snowflake, on modern data governance (MDG) will dig into many issues:

  • Business and technology drivers for MDG
  • Key challenges, opportunities, and best practices in MDG