Data governance must keep pace with increasingly popular data access and usage practices. As new data sources, data sets, SaaS applications, and cloud data platforms are added to today’s complex and hybrid data architectures, data governance must extend its policies to cover these architectures, plus most of the enterprise. Adaptations to these changes, along with process and practice improvements, are leading to modern data governance, which is the next level beyond today’s data governance.

Modernizing data governance must address all of its many components, including business-driven compliance, technology-driven data standards, and people-and-process practices. Users should expect to modernize data governance now and continuously improve it moving forward.

This report canvasses current and future data governance strategies and best practices to help organizations understand the new requirements for data governance, plus how successful organizations are modernizing existing governance programs and toolsets. The intent is to assist with modernization planning so that data governance achieves maximum business impact.