For many years, the common solution for managing big data was a data lake, where organizations could collect, store, and analyze all of their structured and unstructured data in one place. Unfortunately, data lakes can easily turn into endless repositories of data, without any organization or structure. In addition, query performance is often very limited due to concurrency and scalability issues.

Regardless of your query performance demands, the nature of your data pipelines, or your security and governance requirements, Snowflake’s platform is flexible enough to meet the needs of your workloads and your users.

This white paper details how you can use Snowflake to enhance and complement your existing cloud data lake to achieve fast ROI. In addition, it uncovers how you can:

  • Make data easily accessible by using Snowflake as a powerful query engine directly on top of your data lake
  • Use Snowflake to run high-performing and reliable data transformations with integrated yet extensible data pipelines; then easily unload data back to your data lake