AI is the most disruptive technology innovation of our lifetime. Enterprises are embracing AI applications and leveraging a variety of data types (structured, unstructured, and semi-structured) for integrated processes across all lines of business and industries.

However, although organizations understand the importance and potential impact of AI, they often struggle to move from pilot to production. According to IDC, the top challenges that organizations must address in order to scale AI initiatives are: costs (i.e., hardware accelerators and compute resources), lack of skilled personnel, lack of machine learning operations tools and technologies, lack of adequate volume and quality of data, and trust and governance issues.

In this white paper, IDC offers considerations for how organizations can address these challenges, particularly when it comes to:

  1. Breaking silos between structured and unstructured data

  2. Unifying teams working with different tools and languages

  3. Enforcing consistent enterprise-grade security and governance

To learn more, download the white paper from IDC, Scaling AI/ML Initiatives: The Critical Role of Data, sponsored by Snowflake.