ROI Case Study: iovation Deploys Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse

Authored by: Joe Mathias, Nucleus Research

iovation, the leading provider of device-based consumer authentication and fraud prevention solutions, deployed Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse to accelerate their product development, improve analytic query efficiency and enhance their understanding of company data.

In short:

  • Dealing with large amounts of data for analysis from its customers
  • They needed a robust database that could handle routine analytics queries

Other solutions couldn’t meet their needs

  • Oracle’s database and analytics platform proved too expensive to scale
  • PostgreSQL proved to have limitations related to hardware
  • HPE Vertica was also too costly to scale

Their search for a suitable solution finally led them to Snowflake.

Bottom Line with Snowflake:

ROI: 214%
Payback: 0.5 years
Average annual cost benefit: $299,074