Snowflake allows you to build a modern data architecture with our leading Cloud Data Platform available on all three major clouds. As a single platform that enables secure and governed access to all data and supports many workloads, it’s the only solution that helps eliminate the complexity, cost, and constraints associated with legacy on-premises solutions.

Snowflake’s unique cloud-built architecture delivers the scale, performance, and automation for any organization to instantly and infinitely scale any number of users and workloads well beyond what’s capable with legacy MPP-appliance architectures.

Migrate to Snowflake with Confidence.

Migrating your data from Oracle to Snowflake can seem like a daunting and impossible process. Download the Oracle to Snowflake Migration Kit to help you develop a carefully planned migration to the cloud.

The Migration Kit includes access to:
  • Migration eBook: 5 Reasons to Migrate From Oracle to Snowflake
  • Oracle to Snowflake Migration Reference Manual
  • A guide to the strategy and best practices for migrating off your existing Oracle database

Download the Kit for free