The pressure to efficiently manage the supply chain has never been greater—and distribution, fulfillment, and inventory planning have become the new battlegrounds to get the right product to the right place at the right time.

But proactive supply chain management often goes by the wayside when managers, analysts, and planners must sift through disparate enterprise systems and point solutions to access actionable data. This playbook dives into the four key barriers that bog down business teams and how to solve for them, including:

  • Data silos caused by lack of access to timely, SKU-level data across store footprints and ecommerce channels in a single platform
  • Forecasting challenges due to outdated and incomplete data
  • Inability to share and access data from manufacturers and distributors in a timely and seamless fashion
  • Slow implementation of new digital applications with the necessary data that enables new fulfillment methods and hybrid shopping options

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