With the recent deprecation of some third-party cookies, marketers and publishers are focused on strengthening their consumer data relationships. A core pillar of that strategy is handling the data they collect directly from customers in a privacy-preserving manner to help protect consumers’ personal information and ensure regulatory compliance. Snowflake Data Clean Rooms allow businesses to bring together and analyze sensitive data derived from unique identifiers, such as emails, hashed emails, names, device IDs and IP addresses, from across the business and partners, while preserving data privacy.

Download our white paper to learn how Snowflake Data Clean Rooms help publishers and marketers improve ad effectiveness while maintaining data privacy, including:

  • How Snowflake Data Clean rooms are different from other privacy sandboxes, and how marketers and publishers are using them today
  • How Snowflake Data Clean Rooms work in 7 steps
  • How NBCUniversal uses Snowflake Data Clean Rooms for cross-platform attribution and planning, reach measurement and more