Third-party data, which is data that comes from sources external to an organization (for example, from public sources or data vendors) enables agencies, media companies, game publishers, and advertising technology (AdTech) companies to resolve customer identities, enrich profiles, improve campaign performance, and optimize user experiences. However, traditional methods for sourcing third-party data can be inefficient and unsecure, may not scale, and require extensive engineering work before the data can be used, resulting in delays, stale data, and poor data analysis.

In this ebook, you will learn how to:

  • Access live third-party data without any ETL, making the data immediately available for analysis or to merge with your own data
  • Easily discover third-party data sets, such as product intelligence data or granular audience insights, that best fit your business needs
  • Use enrichment services to improve the quality of first-party data by securely sharing slices of your data with providers

For more information, download our ebook, How Advertising, Media, and Entertainment Companies Can Leverage Third-Party Data to Enhance Analytics.