With regulations around data like GDPR getting stricter, the issue of data protection and security continues to grow in importance. It’s only fair to ask ‘’How can I make sure that the data from my customers and staff is as safe and secure as possible?’’

The first impulse is to bring everything on premise and have greater control. However, this also brings with it an enormous internal effort and investment around security, an effort that is not always effective. The cloud offers a different alternative, and if used properly it opens the possibility for any company to take advantage of the investments cloud infrastructure providers are making in securing the cloud for all of their customers.

The real question is HOW you use the cloud, not whether it is safe to use the cloud.

Join us to explore a new idea that may help with this pervasive challenge. Instead of only trusting what has worked before, it is now possible to use new technologies to store and interact with cloud data more securely than ever.

In this on-demand webinar, “Security in the Cloud,” discover:

  • What security looks like in the cloud
  • Whether or not companies can trust their data in the cloud, and
  • The importance of good processes when working with data.

You will also hear about new cloud data warehousing technology that can help you store all of your data securely and deliver insights to all organizational stakeholders.

  • Simon Field

    Field CTO to the EMEA Region, Snowflake

  • Jay Heiser

    Research Vice President, Gartner