The Data Warehouse: The Engine that Drives Analytics

Why the Core of Data Analytics Is Critical to Data-Driven Insight

According to McKinsey, 86 percent of executives say their organizations have only been somewhat effective at achieving the primary objective of their data and analytics programs. Even more concerning, more than one-quarter say they’ve been ineffective.

The fact that most data initiatives fail to meet the real needs of today’s enterprises, or just outright fail to deliver any value at all, reveals two significant trends. First, enterprises are more focused on data analytics than ever before. Second, it’s likely that most failures lie deep within an organization’s data analytics platform.

In this e-book, we examine the challenges enterprises have faced turning data into transformative business insights. You’ll also learn about the technologies that are now available to enterprises to keep up with the analytics revolution. With a modern cloud data warehouse, you and your organization can be champions.